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Success Stories

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Measuring Success

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There are a number of ways to measure success from our point of view. We operate in both the auction and direct space. They go hand in hand. One can lead to the other. 

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We believe success can be measured in the sales we achieve for our producers and the establishment of longer term relationships. So this might come in many different guises

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  • Running an auction which results in sales for the producer.
  • Finding buyers who are interested in buying coffee at sustainable levels. Introducing buyers to producers who will establish a ‘test sale’ first and then this leads to further purchases in the same season.
  • Introducing buyers to producers through auctions and then seeing the two talking to each other the following year to agree return business.
  • Promoting and marketing the producers methods to our audience to raise their profile.
  • A farmer agrees a sale and is paid in a much shorter time frame from other forms of trade.

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Repeat Sales One Year On

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We started running auctions for volume coffee during 2019, and we have learnt a lot. We sold 9 tonnes of coffee during those auction. Now 12 months later we are seeing where the real value is for producers.One of the trades fell through, and we have worked with both the producer and the buyer to rectify those and look to consolidate with a sale this season. 

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Of the remaining sales that did go through, we now have 4 buyers who have returned directly to the producer and have been negotiating repeat purchases. Some of these sales have been agreed with others still in negotiation. What is really interesting, is the buyers are negotiating at larger volumes than those agreed in 2019 and the prices are also higher than last year. Some of this is reflected in the cherry prices being higher in some origins. However it also represents a strengthening of trust between the two parties.