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Speciality Coffee Upcoming Microlot Auctions

Find out when our next auctions run

Our upcoming microlot Auctions

Following on from our season of summer auction, for which you can see the results below, we now have a set of auction running through out October, November and Decvember 2020.

Some of these are new partners and many of them are running auction for the first time. So this is very exciting. We are really pleased to be working with a number of National Specialty Coffee Associations this year. We are really looking forward to adding to value to the work they themnselves do.


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Results from October to December 2020

Results from July and August 2020

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Shipping & Consolidation

Shipping & Consolidation

Learn how we can help you navigate a path from deciding to purchase a coffee, contracting, shipping and financing the purchase.

Agreeing the Sales Contract

Agreeing the Sales Contract

If you are new to direct trade it can seem complex. What are the types of contract, how do you pay for the coffee and how do you agree a price? We walk you through the elements of this process.

Why buy coffee in this way?

Why buy coffee in this way?

Let’s address you concerns. We discuss how you can see what we have for sale, buying small volumes and shipping. We can help you work out the quality of the coffee, and how to make sure it is delivered to where you need it.