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Receiving your coffee

New buyers sometime ask how they will receive their money. Another common question concerns contracting and how they can be certain they will receive what they have paid for.

The shipping element of purchasing coffee can be extremely complex.
Ideally you would buy a container of coffee, agree your contract and the container is shipped and arrives at the port of your choice.

However, it is not always that easy. It depends upon how much you are buying or whether you need to consolidate. It also depends upon the flexibility of the exporter. If you are buying less than a full container (LCL) it can be more challenging. For really small microlot purchases it is worth considering airfreight.


The more economic way to get a LCL purchase to you is to consolidate it with another buyer who has spare capacity. Or to consolidate it with a number of purchases you have made with a variety of buyers.  

Typically for an auction containing many different purchases from similar sources we can help with the shipping. We can land the coffee for you in Europe or the USA and then distribute it onwards to your own warehouse. We work with a logistics partner, Vollers, to achieve this. When this is the case the contracting is slightly different, but not a barrier to making the sale a reality.

Landed Coffee & Spot Purchases

Once coffee has landed, things get easier. It means it can be dispatched to anywhere in the world. It is considered more flexible. This may mean it is in a warehouse in USA, Europe or perhaps in Dubai. The distribution networks are stronger from these hub areas. Also logistics companies can then work with their own network to make the onward dispatch cost effective for everyone.  

Sometimes we auction coffee from origin, sometimes we auction it as Spot. This means it is auctioned or sold from the warehouse. The shipping cost is only from the landed warehouse. 

So, what does this mean? It means we can help you navigate the challenges in obtaining your coffee once you have bought it. We have a good knowledge of the process, we know the questions to ask and we have contacts who can help you as a new buyer to make this work. We do create the direct trade and that gives you control over the purchase of the coffee, but we don’t drop you and leave you to it. We know how to get this done for you.