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  • Lot Information

  • Lot Information

  • Country: Ecuador
  • Producer(s): Angel Jaya and Family
  • Farm/Co-op/Washing Station: Hacienda Don Salvador
  • Region: Provincia El Oro
  • Variety: Yellow Catucai and Red Catuai
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 800 - 1200 masl
  • Harvest: 20.07.20
  • Grade: Not Specified
  • Screen Size: Not Specified
  • Bag Size: 50kg
  • Bag Type: Grainpro
  • Availability: 25 bags
  • Producer Cup Score:
  • Fragrance/Aroma: 7.75
  • Flavour: 8
  • Aftertaste: 7.5
  • Acidity: 7.75
  • Body: 7.25
  • Balance: 8
  • Overall: 8
  • Uniformity: 10
  • Clean Cup: 10
  • Sweetness: 10
  • Total: 84.25
  • Comments: Orange & Brown Sugar in the aroma. Peach, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Red Fruits - creamy, yet light in body; floral, slight granola. Roasted light. On cool vanilla finish
  • Tasting notes: Peach, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Floral
  • Opening Price / kg: 7.39

Hacienda Don Salvador is located in El Oro, the southernmost of Ecuador s coastal
provinces, a region renowned for its tropical dry forest, one of the 669 most important
UNESCO sites on the planet. Don Salvador was founded in 1970 when Mr Angel Jaya
arrived in the region from the province of Loja in order to focus on and dedicate himself
to the cultivation of Arabica coffee. Since then the farm has flourished under his
management and Mr. Angel is now growing a number of Specialty varieties on 15
hectares of land. Throughout the year there are 5 full time workers on the farm and
during harvest season, which lasts between April to July, there are 20 workers. Coffee is
cultivated in three main areas of Hacienda Don Salvador; Chiriboga, Cerro el Batan and
Cerro del Tigre. During harvest coffee is picked for its colour and ripeness. Cherries are
transported to the main house for processing, which can take either Washed, Honey or
Natural methods. After processing coffee is dried either on raised African beds or under
shaded canopies. Surrounding the farm there are the dry forest and grasslands. Good
Agricultural Practices (GAP) are very important to Mr. Angel and he ensures to take care
of the natural environment, flora and fauna and he utilises shade growing techniques in
his coffee from the local Guaba tree.

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