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Offer List

CountryCoffeeVariety/processUnits/LocationCupping notesScore $/LB$/kg 
NicaraguaEl Volcan 18- 19 HarvestCatuai/Caturra Washed40 x 69kg bags AnnexMilk chocolate, lemon curd,almond $2.55$5.62
NicaraguaEl Rosario Micro Lot 18-19 harvestCatuai/Caturra Washed8 x 69kg bags AnnexFudge,Kiwi lime, pralines and caramel $2.55$5.6
NicaraguaEl Cambalache 18-19 harvestMarsellesa/ Natural156 x 30kg bags AnnexSparkling Cranberry, toasted marshmallow, chocolate covered cherries $3.25$7.16
NicaraguaOrganic San Juan Rio Coco 19-20 HarvestBlend/ Washed275 x 69kg bags AnnexApple, pear, honey, nougat, milk chocolate, toffee. $2.75$6.06
NicaraguaOrganic San Juan Rio Coco 19-20 HarvestCertified Organic275 x 69kg bags ContinentalApple, pear, honey, nougat, milk chocolate, toffee. $2.75$6.06
NicaraguaEl Puma 19'-20'Caturra, Washed8 x 69kg bags AnnexChocolate, Cream, Malic Acid, Tropical Fruit.87.75
NicaraguaBarisa De Mogoton 19'-20'Maracaturra, Washed10 x 69kg bags AnnexCitrus Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Dried Dates.87
NicaraguaLa Bendicion 19'-20'Caturra-Bourbon, Washed13 x 69kg bags AnnexHoney, Juicy, Red Apple.87.5
NicaraguaEl Diamante 19'-20'Caturra-Catuai, Washed8 x 69kg bags AnnexBaked Goods, Dried Fruit, Honeydew.87.25
NicaraguaMonte Sion 19'-20'Margagoipe, Washed2 X 69kg bags AnnexCitrus, Sweet Herbal.85
NicaraguaEl Volcan 19'-20'Caturra-Catuia, Washed60 x 69kg bags AnnexBrown Sugar, Nutty, Red Apple, Roasted Almond, Toffee.86
NicaraguaLa Union 19'-20'Caturra, Washed25 x 69kg bags AnnexHoney, Sweet Bread Pastry, Tropical Fruit.86
NicaraguaSacuanjoche 19'-20'Caturra, Washed141 x 69kg bags AnnexBlack Cherry, Chocolate, Lemon & Lime, Mouth Drying.86
GuatemalaSan Jose OcanaDouble Soaked SHB Washed (Bourbon)275 x 69 bags, GuatemalaApple, toffee, vanilla, full bodied, dark chocolate; Slightly bitter and dusty finish.$2.49$5.49
EthiopiaFarmet Eshetu Mergia from west Arsi Nesebo-Bulega farmers Group.Sidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Bright Acidity, Full body, good falvour and yirgacheffe character, satiny mouth, long after taste.88$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Tadesse Demise Tola from West Arsi Nesebo,Bulega farmers Group.Sidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Richly floral, toned dark chocolate, fruity, apple in aroma and cup. Sweet toned structure, midl acidity, juicy, silky mouth feel.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Abu Hasen Loan from west Arsi farmersSidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Bright, richly sweet, dark chocolate, cedar, floral in aroma and cup. Sweet toned structure, with crisp citrusy acidity, satiny mouths feel with long after taste. 88$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Adame Banti from west Arsi farmers.Sidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Bright, crispy, chocolate, spricy, floral in aroma and cup, balanced, sweet tart structure with juicy, bright acidity, full satiny mouth feel, also floral toned with a long finish.88$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Makur Bega Botu from west Arsi farmers.Sidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Complex aroma, bright acidity, full body, good flavour, satiny mouth and long after taste.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Yesuf Bedaye from west Arsi farmers.Sidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Complex aroma, looks like dark chocolate, floral, balance acidity and body with good flavour. Creamy full mouth, with long after taste.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Aberham Abebe cupping result from the new West Arsi farmers.Sidamo3-5 tonnes (TBC)Complex aroma, bright acidity, full body, good flavour, satiny mouth and long after taste.88$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Kefeyalew Mekuria from Kws group.Natural Yirgacheffe3-5 tonnes (TBC)Complex aroma, floral, dark chocolate, balanced acidity and body with good flavour, full mouth feel, with long afer taste.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Shibru Eshu from KWs group.Natural Yirgacheffe3-5 tonnes (TBC)Balanced floral tones, dark chocolate in aroma and cup, sweet-tart structure with mild acidity, full creamy mouth.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Dori Abate from KWs group.Natural Yirgacheffe3-5 tonnes (TBC)Complex aroma, dark chocolate, spicy, clove. Bright acidity, full body with good floral flavour full mouth feel. Long after taste.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Dori Abate from KWs group.Natural Yirgacheffe3-5 tonnes (TBC)Complex aroma, dark chocolate, spicy, clove. Bright acidity, full body with good floral flavour full mouth feel. Long after taste.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaFarmer Tefera Gegp from KWs Group.Natural Yirgacheffe3-5 tonnes (TBC)Delicate, richly floral chocolate, almond grassy in aroma and cup. Sweet tart structure with juicy acidity, creamy flavour, syrupy mouth feel.85$4.08$9
EthiopiaChelchle Yirga GedebeNatural Washed (G1)5 x Containers88$3.35$7.39
EthiopiaChelchle Yirga GedebeNatural Natural (G1)2 x Containers89$3.45$7.61
EthiopiaSala Gejeba UragaNatural Oromia (G1)2 x Containers91$3.9$8.60
HondurasEl ParaisoSHG Washed265 sacks (FOB)82$2.25$4.97
HondurasEl ParaisoLempira (2) anaerobic micro-lots(3) 69 kg sacks86+$4.49$9.92
HondurasEl ParaisoBourbon, anaerobic micro-lots(2) 69 kg sacks86+$4.49$9.92
ColombiaAntioquia (La Vereda)Caturra-castillo, Washed$3.68$8.25
ColombiaAntioquia (La Vereda)Caturra-castillo, Honey$4.35$9.60
ColombiaAntioquia (La Vereda)Caturra-castillo, Natural$7.07$15.59
ColombiaAntioquia (El Lucero)Caturra-castillo, Washed86$3.65$8.05
ColombiaAntioquia (El Lucero)Caturra-castillo, HoneyIntense aroma of Swiss chocolate, almond, honey and candy. Taste of honey, citrus, wine, prune, juicy with flavor prolonged residual. Medium creamy rich body. High, juicy and fresh acidity.87$3.69$8.15
ColombiaAntioquia (La Cumbre)Tabi, Washed92$6.40$14.11
ColombiaAntioquia (La Cumbre)Geisha, Washed88$20.76$45.77
ColombiaCaldasCaturra, Castillo, Bourbon Anaerobic, Double Fermentation84-88$4.49$9.92
ColombiaCaldasCaturra, Castillo, Bourbon, Colombia. Washed Double Fermentation84-85$4.00$8.82
ColombiaCaldasCastillo Washed, Natural, Double Fermentation2016 Salamina Regional Champion85-87$5.50$12.13
ColombiaValle Del CaucaCastillo, Caturra Washed84-85$3.50$7.72
ColombiaValle Del CaucaCastillo, Caturra Washed2019 Valle Del Cauca Regional Top 585-86$3.50$7.72
ColombiaTolimaCaturra, Colombia, Carbonic Maceration, Natural85-88$5.00$11.03
ColombiaTolimaGeisha, Washed85-86$6.59$14.55
ColombiaQuindioCastillo Washed2019 Quindio Regional Top 5 84-85$4.49$9.92
ColombiaQuindioCastillo Washed, Anaerobic2019 Quindio Regional Champion 85-86$5.00$11.03
Costa RicaWest ValleyCaturra-Catuai (MF685) Honey(12) 69kg sacks$3.50$7.72
Costa RicaTarrazuCaturra-Catuai (MF581) Washed(50) 69 kg sacks$2.95$6.62
Costa RicaTarrazuCaturra-Catuai (MF529) Honey(27) 69kg sacks$3.74$8.38
Costa RicaCentral ValleyMarsellesa (MF546) Natural(10) 69kg sacks$4.23$9.48
Costa RicaWest ValleyH1 Centroamericano (MF568) Washed(10) 69kg sacks$3.34$7.50
Costa RicaWest ValleyStarmaya (MF609) Natural(5) 69kg sacks$4.23$9.48
Costa RicaTarrazuMarsellesa (MF512) Honey(25) 69kg sacks$3.93$8.82
Costa RicaWest ValleyCaturra-Catuai (MF624) Honey(15) 69kg sacks$3.78$8.49
Costa RicaCentral ValleyCaturra-Catuai Natural(50) 69kg sacks$5.41$12.13
Costa RicaSanta Maria de DotaCaturra & Catuai Washed(90) 69kg sacks$3.20$7.17
Costa RicaSabanilla de AlajuelaCaturra & Catuai Natural(24) 30kg sacks$7.85$17.6
Costa RicaSabanilla de AlajuelaCaturra & Catuai Black Honey(20) 30kg sacks$7.38$16.54
Costa RicaSabanilla de AlajuelaCaturra & Catuai  Yellow Honey(20) 30kg sacks$6.89$15.45
Costa RicaNaranjoVilla Sarchi White Honey(18) 69kg sacks$5.13$11.5
Costa RicaSan Marcos de TarrazuRed Catuai Washed(20) 69kg sacks$4.92$11.03
BrazilVarginhaCerrado Washedupon request78-80$1.29$2.91
BrazilVarginhaArabica Grinders 12 and upupon requestLess than 78$1.09$2.46
BrazilVarginhaArabica Grinders 12 and upupon requestLess than 78$0.92$2.08
BrazilVarginhaArabica Rio Minasupon requestLess than 78$0.89$2.00
BrazilVarginhaArabica Rio Minasupon requestLess than 78$0.84$1.89
BrazilMinas GeraisCerrado natural2 Containers (spot)82-83$1.85$4.16
PanamaBoquete (Woman-owned farm)Typica, Caturra Washed, Natural(13) 60kg sacks85$28.54$63.95
PanamaBoquete (Woman-owned farm)Geisha Natural, Honey7605 lbs86-88$3.88$8.70
GuatemalaHuehuetenangoPacamara, Bourbon Washed, Natural(275) 69kg sacks84$3.93$8.82
El SalvadorAtaco & ApanecaCuscatleco, NaturalFruit punch, maple, cinnamon, creamy, sweet orange, good body85-86$3.44$7.72
El SalvadorAtaco & ApanecaCentroamericano F1, Natural, Washed85-86$3.34$7.50
TogoTogo, Central Region, West AfricaRobusta  Natural1 Container
IndiaKeralaRobusta Natural1 20ft container per monthAA$2.21$4.96
IndiaKeralaRobusta Natural1 20ft container per monthA$2.18$4.9
EthiopiaGuji OrganicUraga WashedFlavour - Black berry, rue pineapple, cardamon. After taste - Long finish. Acidity - Delicate. Sweetness - Sweet.90.5$3.30$7.27
EthiopiaGuji OrganicUraga Natural89$3.35$7.38
EthiopiaGuji OrganicDimtu NaturalFlavour - Fruity, berry note, chocolate. After taste - Long. Acidity - Mild, delicate. Sweetness - Sweet.89$3.35$7.38
EthiopiaGuji OrganicDimtu NaturalFlavour - Fruity, berry note, chocolate. After taste - Long. Acidity - Mild, delicate. Sweetness - Sweet.78$2.00$4.40
EthiopiaGuji OrganicShakeso Washed87$3.20$7.05
EthiopiaGuji OrganicShakeso Washed83.5$2.20$4.85
EthiopiaGuji OrganicShakeso Natural87.25$3.15$6.94
EthiopiaGuji OrganicAnasora Natural89$3.00$6.61
EthiopiaGuji OrganicKercha Washed87.5$2.95$6.50
EthiopiaGuji OrganicKercha Washed83$1.95$4.29
EthiopiaGuji OrganicKercha Natural87.5$3.00$6.61
EthiopiaGuji OrganicBirbirsa Washed87.5$3.15$6.94
EthiopiaGuji OrganicBirbirsa Washed83.75$2.15$4.73
EthiopiaGuji OrganicBirbirsa Natural87$3.15$6.94
EthiopiaGuji OrganicAbaya Washed83$2.15$4.73
EthiopiaGuji OrganicAbaya Natural75$1.90$4.18
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicKochore Washed88$3.15$6.94
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicKochore Washed84$1.90$4.18
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicKochore Natural87.3$3.20$7.05
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicGedebe Washed89.5$3.35$7.38
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicGedebe WashedFlavour - Floral. After taste - Lingering/Long finish. Acidity - Mild. Sweetness - Sweet84$2.20$4.85
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicGedebe NaturalFlavour - Floral, honey, rich. After taste - Lingering, fruity. Acidity - Mild, winy. Sweetness - Super Sweet.89.5$3.35$7.38
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicYirga WashedFlavour - Lemon, grassy, floral. After taste - Lingering. Aciditiy - Citrus to delicate. Sweetness - smooth.87$3.20$7.05
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicYirga Washed83$2.35$5.18
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicYirga Natural87$3.14$6.92
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicYirga Natural84$2.25$4.96
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicYirga Natural78$1.85$4.07
EthiopiaYirgacheffe OrganicYirga NaturalRegular$1.60$3.52
EthiopiaSidamo OrganicSidamo Washed83$2.15$4.73
EthiopiaSidamo OrganicSidamo Natural84$2.10$4.62
EthiopiaSidamo OrganicSidamo Natural77$1.90$4.18
EthiopiaSidamo OrganicSidamo NaturalRegular$1.45$3.19
EthiopiaAnderacha OrganicAnderacha WashedFlavour - Cardamon seed. After taste - Lingering, Chocolate. Acidity - Mild, delicate. Sweetness - sweet.
EthiopiaAnderacha OragnicAnderacha WashedFlavour - Cardamon seed. After taste - Lingering, Chocolate. Acidity - Mild, delicate. Sweetness - sweet.82.5$1.90$4.18
EthiopiaAnderacha OrganicAnderacha NaturalRegular1.252.75
BrazilStrawberry CoffeeRed Catuai Natural13 BagsCaramel, red berries, strawberry, good acidity84€€1.80€€3.97
BrazilYellow Fruits CoffeeRed Catuai Pulped Natural and 72 hours Anaerobic Fermentation10 bagsHoney, yellow fruits, sweet aroma, smooth body83.5€€1.98€€4.37
BrazilOrange PeelRed Catuai and Catucai Anaerobic Fermentation with Orange13 BagsCitrus acidity, dark chocolate, roasted almonds, black tea, sicilian lemon, lime, sweet orange peel, medium body85€€2.69€€5.95
BrazilSicilian LemonRed Catuai Peeled Cherry with Mucilage, 7 day Anaerobic Fermentation5 BagsCitric acidity, sweet orange peel, sicilian lemon, dark chocolate, light peach87.5€3.06€€6.75
BrazilHigh end Blend ExperimentRed Catuai 30% Cherry with mucialage in the box for 12 hours (aerobic) + 70% honey9 BagsChocolate, plums, caramel, lemon pie, citric acidity, medium body86.5€€3.77€€8.33
Brazil(Peaberry) Citrus AcidityCatucai and Red Catuai Honey and Anaerobic Fermentation with Tangerine1 BagCitrus, lime, tangerine, orange, green tea, chamomile88.5€€4.31€9.52
BrazilCitrus AcidityCatucai and Red Catuai Honey and Anaerobic Fermentation with Tangerine3 BagsCitrus, lime, tangerine, green tea, chamomile88.5€5.57€€12.30
BrazilMinas GeraisRubi(10) 30kg bags84$3.5$6.20
BrazilMinas GeraisRed Catuai(30) 30kg bags84$3.5$6.20
BrazilMinas GeraisRed Catuai(20) 30kg bags84$3.5$6.20
BrazilMinas GeraisRed Catuai(40) 30kg bags84$3.5$6.20
UgandaBukusu Washing StationSL-14, fully washed, dried on raised beds,(90) grain pro bagsApply, floral, Raspberry, cream, vanilla, honeysuckle 85.5$2.00$3.50
UgandaAjere22 bags85.2
UgandaAmbe72 bags85.88
UgandaAyaka20 bags85.38
UgandaGonyobendo178 bags86
UgandaPamitu60 bags85.25
RwandaGoma Duty (North Rwanda); Crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon. Washed60 bags*60 KgsTaste:
Clean Cup, fruity flavor, sweet, smooth bright acidity,long finish
RwandaGoma Duty (Western Rwanda); Crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon. Washed50 bags*60 KgHone, complex fruits

clean cup, sweet,full body,long after taste
RwandaGoma Duty (North Rwanda); Crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon. Honey30 bags*60 KgsStrawberry,complex flavor

Clean Cup, Sweet
RwandaGoma Duty (North Rwanda); Crop 2020Arabica Red Boubon . Natural15 bags*60 kgStrawberry, Toffee

Fruity flavor, Sweet
RwandaSimbi Coffee Investment. Crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon. Natural8 TonsOrange,Honey,Jackfruit,Banana, Strawberries,Jasmine,Dates,Brackcurrent,Caramel

Clean cups,Sweet,Jackfruit flavor,Soft acidity,cremy, wisky and wine, complex fruits, citric acidity
RwandaSimbi Coffee Investment. Crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon. Washed320 bags*60 kgsFruity,Orange,Toast,Honey,Jasmine

Clean cups, sweet acidity,smooth body,fruity flavor,juice, cremy body, Long finish
RwandaNyakibanda Green Coffee. Crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon. Washed120 Bags*60 KgsOrange , Honey, chocolate

Clean cup, sweet acidity, long finish
RwandaGoma Duty (Western Rwanda) crop 2020Arabica Red Bourbon30 Bags*60 kgsChocolate, orange, honey

Clean cup, Richy florals, medium acidity, sweet smooth
ColombiaTolima - Planadas RegionalVarious, Washed80 Bags* 70 kgsDried fruit, caramel, juicy83-84$1.97$4.34
ColombiaHuila - La Plata AAVarious, Washed50 Bags* 70 kgsRipe fruit, Juicy, caramel, long aftertaste84-85$2.20$4.85
ColombiaHuila - Huila A Various, Washed275 Bags * 70 kgscitrus, good finish, good sweetness
ColombiaHuila - Huila EPVarious, Washed275 Bags * 70 kgsClean cup, balanced, clean aftertaste81-82$1.86$4.10
ColombiaHuila - BellavistaCaturra Colombia, Washed50 Bags* 70 kgsRipe fruit, bright, round mouthfeel, sugarcane 85-86$2.88$6.34
ColombiaHuila - El ParaisoPink Bourbon, Anaerobic50 Bags* 70 kgsFloral, Pineapple, mint, molasses87-88$7.00$15.43
ColombiaHuila - Santa RitaVarious, Washed50 Bags* 70 kgsBrown spice, caramel, citrus, chocolate83-84$2.04$4.49
ColombiaValle - TrujilloCastillo 100hr, Anaerobic9 Bags* 24 kgsTropical fruits, bright, sweet aftertaste85-86$6.00$13.22
ColombiaValle - TrujilloJava, honey 9 Bags* 24 kgsFloral, Honeydew,dried fruit85-86$9.00$19.84
ColombiaValle - TrujilloPacamara, Natural9 Bags* 24 kgscaramel, umami, milk chocolate85-86$9.00$19.84
ColombiaValle - TrujilloRed Bourbon, Washed9 Bags* 24 kgsHoney, orange, lemongrass85-86$6.00$13.22
ColombiaCauca - Timbio AAVarious, Washed100 Bags* 70 kgsMolasses, Panela, Silky, heavy body84-85$2.20$4.85
ColombiaQuindio - Genova AAVarious, Washed50 Bags* 70 kgsCurrants, berries, heavy mouthfeel, Juicy84-85$2.20$4.85
ColombiaNariño - Colon NaturalVarious, Natural10 Bags* 70 kgssugarcane, anissed, ripe fruit85-86$7.00$15.43
ColombiaNariño - Aponte HoneyVarious, Honey30 Bags* 70 kgsorange, yogurt, silky aftertaste
ColombiaNariño - La Florida AAVarious, Washed80 Bags* 70 kgsLemongrass, Pine, Brown spice, caramel84-85$2.50$5.51
ColombiaNariño - Samaniego AAVarious, Washed80 Bags* 70 kgsBrown sugar, red apple, milk chocolate84-85$2.70$5.95
ColombiaNariño - Buesaco AAVarious, Washed275 Bags* 70 kgsfloral, citrus, molasses
ColombiaNariño - Matituy AAVarious, Washed100 Bags* 70 kgsPlum, Brown sugar, ripe fruit84-85$2.60$5.73
Gedebo, Aricha
Heir Loom Varietals, Natural
1 container ( 320 Bags ) At farm
Aroma : floral, sweet
Flavor :  Fruity
Body : Heavy
Acidity : Soft, sweet
Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
Heir Loom Varietals, Washed1 container ( 320 Bags ) Addis Ababa
Aroma : floral tones, Black tea, bergamont, lychee
Flavor :  Peach
Body : Medium
Acidity : Soft, sweet
Kochere Zone, Yirgacheffe
Heir Loom Varietals, Washed1 container ( 320 Bags ) Addis Ababa
Aroma : citrus
Flavor :  Fruity, sweet
Body : Medium
Acidity : Soft, sweet

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Our green coffee auctions help to facilitate trade between coffee farmers, producers and buyers from around the world. We aim to have all the coffee graded by a professional Q grader way before the auction date, to give you the best guarantee we can. We also offer samples for each auction allowing you to try the coffee before you buy.