Do you have coffee you would like to submit to an auction?

We are always looking to develop new relationships, find new and exciting coffees for our auctions and connect coffee producers with buyers worldwide.


If you have a coffee you would like to place into a Sensible Coffee auction we will need to first roast, cup and taste the coffee to approve the quality.

Once approved we pack, store and ship samples of your coffee for you directly from our warehouse. So all you need to do is send a sample and leave the rest to us.

For approval we will require 850g per sample.

This includes:

  • 350g for quality approval and archiving
  • 500g for sample requests from potential buyers

In addition to samples we will require the following from you to best help you market your coffee:

  • Farm Information:

    history, location, story etc.

  • Lot Information

    variety, process, altitude, availability etc.

  • Reserve Price

    what reserve price you would like to place on each coffee

  • Photos

    of your farm, coffee and, if you like, yourself