Are you looking for new and exciting coffees and relationships?

Sensible Coffee is designed to not only elevate value for coffee buyers and producers, but to exist as a relevant and exciting platform for buyers to discover new coffees and develop new relationships.


The auction process allows us to showcase unique and interesting seasonal Specialty coffee from all over the world.

So each week there could be something new to discover. As we design each auction to be diverse and unique, there is always something for everyone.

However we understand that the auction process can be a new experience.

For many buyers working in coffee and directly sourcing coffee, auction can sometimes be intimidating. So we have put all the pieces in place for the process to be simple and easy, so you can focus on discovering the right coffees for your business:

  • Quality

    All Sensible Coffee lots are cupped, scored and graded by our in-house Q Graders.

  • Lot Information

    Cupping results, quality reports, lot and farm information is published on our website for each coffee so you know exactly what you are bidding on.

  • Pre-Auction Samples

    Each lot is available to sample before the auction to give you the chance to taste the coffee for yourself

  • Flexibility

    We auction lots from multiple different origins, processing methods and varieties, both large and small. Whatever your business needs there is a Sensible Coffee for you

  • Shipping and Finance

    Our shipping and logistics partners can assist you with contracting, shipping, finance, logistics and warehousing making the post-auction process as straightforward and accessible as possible.

  • Communication

    Have a question about your winning coffee? Communicate directly with the producer to get all the extra information you need to market the coffee to your audience