Lot KWKON-002-a: Werkeye Shalo Dama (Konga - Debo), Washed , Washed Yirgachffee

Coffee Trees Average Age 10 years.

  • Export Experience 2011-2016
  • Working with YERGACHFFEE UNION
  • Farm Management And Coffee Processing Training
  • Federal Government of Ethiopia-Award A Madelia For Modal Farmer for Agricultural Industrialization
  • The house hold head Mr. Ayele Feysa serve as private Wet Mill manger and serve Konga cooperative as board member & treasurer for 5 years.
  • She has mine Wet Mill to process the farm coffee only.

Coffee and cupping details


Washed Yirgacheffe


Cupping Notes

Sweet Potato, Lemony, Rue, Chocolate, Floral, Bright, Smooth, Long Finish Clean.

Bags: 41
Weight: 2,460 kgs
Score: 85.5
  • 74110 & 74112
  • EU & NOP Organic Certified

Farm details

Farm Name: Konga - Debo
Farmer Name: Werkeye Shalo Dama
District: Yirgachefe
Village: Konga
Farm Size: 4.252 ha
Farm Elevation: 1820 m
Average Rainfall: 1,500 - 1,800
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Washed
Mill: Abebe Mulugeta Export Coffee Procssing And Warhouse

Other info

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Cupping Report

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