Lot KWKON-004-a: Abebe Godana Banta (Konga - Eshketu), Natural - Sundried, Natural Yirgachffee


  • Hawada Agriculter Reserch Center
  • Coffee Farm Management and Processinig.Dilla University
  • Coffee farm Management & Coffee Harvesting and Processing

Coffee and cupping details


Natural Yirgachffee


Cupping Score

Sweet Spicy, Fruity, Chocolate, Lemon Grass, Citrus, Mild Long Finish, Clean.

: 31
Weight: 1,860 lbs
Score: 85.75
  • 74110 & 74112
  • EU & NOP Organic Certified

Farm details

Farm Name: Konga - Eshketu
Farmer Name: Abebe Godana Banta
District: Yirgachefe
Village: Konga
Farm Size: 2.884 ha
Farm Elevation: 13 m
Average Rainfall: 1,500 - 1,800
Processing Method: Dry Processing
Drying Method: Natural - Sundried
Mill: Abebe Mulugeta Export Coffee Procssing And Warhouse

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