Pride of Gesha

Auction starts: 9:00 AM (London)

Tribute to Oma, 2021

This year, our quality control team evaluated more than 120 lots, selecting 20 top quality lots – scoring 88 points and above – for auction. Pride of Gesha presents two carefully chosen categories: Champions Reserve; our very finest, featuring 7 lots divided into 2 equal parts, and Farm Reserve with 14 super-specialty lots.

Exclusive Coffees

Auction Starts: 14:00 hrs (London)


There will be 40 coffees for this auction with cupping scores of +88, split into Classic and Exotics coffees, each of quantities of 1-4 boxes (50lbs).

El Injerto

Auction Starts: 13:00 hrs (London)

Exotic Coffee Auction 2021

This is the first time we will have more than 12 coffees in the Auction! We will have different types of Geishas, Pacamaras and Moccass in different processes and experimental lots…

Santa Felisa

Auction Starts: 23:00 hrs (London)

Our all-time favourite Geisha and Pacamara varieties will be added saccharomyces and lacto-bacterias that we have previously used in our wet process. We have chosen 13 coffee lots, which main characteristics will prove to you why we gave this auction the Macro flavours heading.

San José Ocaña

Auction Starts: 10:00 hrs (London)

Celebrating our 4th year of Running an specialty coffee auction. We are worldwide recognized for the special attention on quality and conscious on the cherry picking stage. It is our highest priority to have the most mature cherries brought in to our mill, at a strictly monitored dark red wine color, almost purple.

Araku Coffee

Auction Starts: 14:00 hrs (London)

As of 2021, Araku Coffee has consistently won scores as high as 94 from industry experts. We are very proud of our 12-year journey and are thrilled to announce that the 13th annual edition of Gems of Araku is going online for the first time.

Best of the Pearl

Auction Starts: 10:00 hrs (London)

The Best of the Pearl is a national coffee competition which aims to showcase the very best coffee produced in Uganda, whilst increasing investment in local capacity building, certification and infrastructure to ensure Uganda’s growth in coffee is sustainable and quality-focused. Solidifying the origin as a leading Specialty coffee producing country in the global market

Colombia Land of Diversity

Auction Starts: 13:00 hrs (London)

The Colombia Land of Diversity contest is a national coffee quality competition in which every Colombian coffee grower can participate. It is organized and run by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and seeks to reward the effort, dedication and commitment to quality of the Colombian coffee farmers.