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Buying your coffee direct from origin

How can we help you buy coffee directly?

We will reshape and shortern the supply chain from buyer to seller. We help you discover the the coffee we have sourced. You buy directly and we finance and ship the coffee for you.


Helping you discover and buy new coffees

  • We have built relationships with a range of specialty coffee producers.
  • We can connect you to them, help you to sample their coffee and verify the quality; ship and finance the purchase.
  • We can help you understand their production methods, their processes and their coffee.

Help with shipping and finance

  • We will agree the contract with the buyer and manage the purchase.
  • We will arrange the shipping and land the coffee for you from origin.
  • We will provide the financing and insurance for the purchase.
  • For large purchases, the coffee will be stored in a warehouse for up to 3 months.
  • You pay for the coffee when you draw it down from the warehouse.

Support your marketing to your buyers

  • We support the values which lead to the sustainable production of quality coffee
  • Give your own customers the full story of how this coffee is produced from farm to cup.
  • Strengthen the supply chain by passing your knowledge to your own buyers, roasters and retailers.
  • Strengthen the proposition made to coffee drinkers so they understand the quality of the coffee they drink and where it came from.

Why buy coffee in this way?

Buying directly through us gives you the opportunity to develop a direct and lasting relationship with the producer of the coffee you sell to your clients or consumers. We can help you sample the coffee, ship it and finance the purchase.

This means you can discover and evaluate a wide range of coffees without having to spend too much time travelling and investing in the discovery of the coffee. This helps your profitability.

We work with producers who want to go direct to market. They want to establish a sustainable farming model; this will mean they and their familes can live more comfortably. They will be rewarded for the investment they put in to improving the quality of their coffee.

This benefits you, the farmers and the people who ulitmately drink the coffee. This puts you in a strong position when you are selling your coffee. You will have a story to tell about the coffee and a reliable means with which to buy it.


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Agreeing the Sales Contract

Agreeing the Sales Contract

If you are new to direct trade it can seem complex. What are the types of contract, how do you pay for the coffee and how do you agree a price? We walk you through the elements of this process.

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Why buy coffee in this way?

Why buy coffee in this way?

Let’s address you concerns. We discuss how you can see what we have for sale, buying small volumes and shipping. We can help you work out the quality of the coffee, and how to make sure it is delivered to where you need it.

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