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We are really looking forward to adding value to the work of the people in the coffee industry, that’s why we are really happy to promote our partners and all the producers that are using our auction software. Auctions are a great way to buy and discover exciting coffees, while building new relationships. They also allow you to sample coffee from around the world without stepping onto a plane.

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Remember! The auction announced here have different organizers, so check each website for more information about the auctions.

Date (London Time) Auction Origin Organizer #Lots Scoring Opening bid Platform
bid now! 26/10/2023 | 13:00 pm Cafe Granja la Esperanza26/10/2023 | 13:00 pm Colombia Private 25 89.5+ $18.00/lb and $20.00/lb

Nicolas Pastellopoulos
Coffee Quality Manager

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