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Why sell coffee in this way?

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What are we offering?

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We are approached by producers all of the time, asking us to provide them with access to the market. Farmers are looking to build their own relationships with buyers. It gives them more choice, more control and also helps develop a mix of channels in which to sell their coffee. It also means they can create an environment more likely to sustain their farm, improve their coffee and quality of life for those who work on producing the coffee.  

We look to provide a reward for investing in quality.  Sustainable coffee production is good for everyone. 

Importers, roasters and drinkers all benefit from better quality coffee. It is also true if  the supply chain is more efficient, the return on the coffee for the farmer is likely to be far higher. If we create a more efficient way to market and agree sales, the cost of entry for the producer is lower. It means farmers can invest in quality and production. If coffee producers can sustain production and be rewarded for producing good quality coffee, it is good for everyone. 

We help you find new buyers. New ways of selling your coffee. You may well have old and established buyers and routes to market. There is no doubt these sales channels help with investment, finance and support as you grow and develop your coffee. We help you find additional routes to market, to help you find sustainable prices, and find buyers who contract in a way suiting you both.

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What do we provide?

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  • We provide you with access to the market place.
  • There are two ways we do this:
  • We find buyers for you, though either means, and show case your coffee to them.
  • We promote your coffee, your farm & your methods.
  • We provide a means of discovering what your coffee is worth.
  • We provide coffee producers with an opportunity to create long last relationships with buyers.
  • These new relationships can run alongside existing agreements. It gives you more than place to sell to. You have choices.
  • We help you find buyers who will contract with you in a way to suite. This means you will be paid when you want to, rather than waiting for months with existing buyers.
  • We help you have choice and to not be reliant upon only way to sell your coffee.
  • You agree a contract directly with the buyer in a way best suited to you.  

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What works? What does not?

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  • For auctions we have found coffees scoring under 85 will not sell.
  • However, this does not mean we can’t work with you. There are buyers who are happy to use quality with lowers scores for their blends. These trades can be arranged directly.
  • If we are looking to sell large volumes, if helps if there is a clear route to landing the coffee. Otherwise it is hard to gain the interest.
  • Many buyers use auctions as a means for establishing and testing a relationship with a new producer. So small volumes go a long way in this sales format.  
  • Sending out free samples to buyers is always helpful. It gains interest in both auctions and direct trades. 
  • Providing buyers with lots background information about your farm, the coffee’s traceability and other information help the buyer form a picture in their mind of how they will market the coffee to their own customers. If the buyer can feel they have a route to market they are more likely to buy the coffee.
  • Something unique is always something buyers look for. It gives them an edge. It also helps you, the producer, to gain real value for you coffee.
  • Providing good information on the coffee processing in the wet mills and your production methods.
  • Being consistent and open about pricing. Be honest and straight with the buyer when you start contracting. If you have agreed FOB, then move forward on that basis. Don’t try to add in extra costs. We have seen sales fall apart because the buyer has lost trust in the process and backed out.

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